All the fun facts about me + more

Hey! I’m Gulce (with a capital G),
Lemme tell you, I should have started my YouTube channel looong time ago. I was always short but blessed with a big personality. But I just didn't see the full potential of the platform until 2019. Everyone was saying it was "too late" (like they do every year for about anything).

One hot summer day in 2019, hands shaking, I pressed record on a borrowed camera and shot my first ever YouTube video for Making it in Holland, a channel about life & entrepreneurship in the Netherlands. Two years later, this side hobby turned into a growing club of 10,000+ fans and over 650K+ views, creating endless speaking & visibility opportunities, weekly sponsor inquiry e-mails and clients who want to work with me along with an e-mail list growing on autopilot faster than you can say wonder woman (with a bank account to match). 

I'm obsessed with video so I’ve developed my own JUMP system to help you get your first 1000 subscribers much faster than I did. I help you not just achieve the vanity metrics but build a business. It's all about starting your channel, amplifying your growth, sharing your message and building a sustainable business you love all fuelled by the world’s 2nd largest search engine. As a self-acclaimed professional nerd & digital creator, I help impact driven online coaches (like you) leverage YouTube to go from unknown to in demand.


The main values & drivers of my work and clients



You want to be heard.

You want to stand out.

You want to be known.

You want to be appreciated for the strengths you bring to the table.

Your life is filled with goals, achievements & qualifications that you crave with intensity.

This intensity pulls upwards away from mediocre and towards the exceptional.



You often think “Wouldn’t it be great if…”

Because the possibilities of the future fascinates you.

Your vision is vivid, like a detailed painting.

This gives you and others who listen to you, endless energy.



You want to sort through the clutter & find the best route.

You love seeing patterns where others get lost in complexity.

You discard paths that lead you nowhere.

You don’t travel where the path may lead, but create a new path & leave a trail.

With a solid strategy, there’s nothing in your way to strike forward.



You love telling stories.

You love to host and speak in public.

You want your message - whatever it may be - to survive for decades.

You want to get the attention, capture it & lock it in.



You are impatient for action.

You are not gonna wait around until all the lights turn green.

You know in your bones taking action is the best way to learn.

You know it’s not what you say or what you think but what you get done.

Taking action makes you happy.

Love letters from my clients

"Just a little brag moment :) I've gained one more subscriber and I've noticed that my latest video gets at least one or two new views per day 😎😉"

- Giulia Porro, Life Coach (Milan, Italy)

"Gulce's YouTube course is very hands on and I love that. She explains everything in a very detailed but practical way the SEO strategy that you should follow to boost your views and reach within YouTube. I'm pleased having attended her course mainly due to the practical advice she teaches."

- Shai Corrales, Founder of Hoy Se Pesca (Mexico)

“Wanting to add another social channel for more visibility but one without needing regular engagement, I joined Gulce’s fantastic YouTube workshop in December. Since I was already doing a lot of video, it made perfect sense to add it to my visibility arsenal and didn’t require tons of engagement to make it work. Gulce made it easy to follow her instructions and I soon had three video series planned out, including the keyword research to help me get seen on YouTube faster and easier because I’m using ones based on her advice. Her workshop was beautifully put together and LOADED with tips and tricks for making YouTube work faster for you and to get started doing all the right things start from the beginning."

- Heidi Medina, Founder of Talk to Heidi (Portugal)

At the core of how we work (and have fun!)

Your videos are worth their weight in gold !

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